Evidence Based Mental Health Care


Mental Health Care

"The unendurable is the beginning of the curve of joy"

Djuna Barnes, Nightwood

At VanPsych we provide a range of treatments for a mental health and addiction problems.  Common to all of the therapies we provide is a commitment to helping our clients achieve their identified goals.  Regardless of the specific type of therapy we providewe focus on establishing a therapeutic relationship that will promote the types of changes that our clients are looking for.  Deciding what therapy is the right fit for you usually involves a discussion with one of our professionals.  After we understand your goals and the problems that are interfering we use the scientific literature to inform and determine the treatment that is most likely to help you.

We do offer a number of different therapies.  Some, such as DBT and CBT share a common understanding of how mental health problems develop and persist.  While not necessarily contradictoryEmotion Focused Therapy and Transference Focused Psychotherapy have a different understanding and approach.  At VanPsych we value and encourage different perspectives. We believe that a thoughtful and deliberate approach that considers multiple perspectives bases therapeutic decisions on a solid understanding of the principles that drive any given treatment rather than blindly following protocol.




Psychologist - 50 minute session - $200

Clinical Counsellor – 50 minute session - $135

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student – 50 minute session - $100

Therapy Group Session - $90



Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an intensive psychotherapy that is designed to help people who have multiple problems.  Originally designed to treat people who were suicidal and had borderline personality disorder.  It is also effective in treating substance use disorders, some eating disorders, anger and impulsivity.  It has been adapted to treating adolescents and their families.  DBT helps clients aquire new skills to improve awareness, regulate emotions and improve relationships.  

Following an orientation phase that takes 3- 4 weeks, clients and therapist agree to a year of treatment.  This involves weekly individual psychotherapy and skills training groups. Our DBT consultation team meets weekly.  After hours skills coaching is also provided. 

Cognitive Behaviour therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) captures a group of treatments that address a range of mental health problems.  Based on a scientific understanding of mental health Cognitive Behavioral interventions are developed based on thise.  The effectiveness of CBThas been extensively researched.  CBT and DBT share a common understanding of how mental health problems develop and persist.  CBT, however generally focusses on specific problems such as depression or a certain anxiety disorder.  It is also often shorter than other treatments taking between 10 and 20 weeks.  CBT is one of the most cost effective interventions across any health field.

Because of the popularity and accessiblity of CBT, it is often presented in a diluted form.  CBT is much more than reading through a manual.  Rather CBT should be providing you with tools to fundamentally change how you think and act in relation to a particular problem.